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It’s Time to Think Global and Grow Local!

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In a world of rapidly changing climate and depleting resources, the need to rethink our long-term strategies and develop locally-based, sustainable industries has never before been greater. Cannabis and hemp are at the cutting edge of new, green industries, but there are plenty of changes still to be made if we wish to restore balance.

We are currently experiencing the beginning of the Anthropocene epoch, a direct result of human activity since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. Our modern methods of conducting agriculture, trade and industry are pushing our planet to the brink, and could potentially even lead to a future in which the Earth is no longer able to support life.

As an emerging industry that has been lauded for its environmental potential, and as one that also has the power to become so vast and to positively influence so many aspects of everyday life, it is absolutely vital that the cannabis industry maintains the highest benchmarks. Cannabis is part of a dramatic socioeconomic paradigm shift, and if we do it right, we can effectively change the world.

So what must we do? The solution is really quite simple – we must keep the industry diverse, small-scale, non-invasive, and locally-based.

Keeping the Cannabis Industry “Local”

“Local” means establishing comprehensive networks that allow local providers to serve the needs of the local population. Generally, crops should be consumed by the domestic market in the area of production, rather than transported across the world using heavily-polluting shipping or air freight.

But cannabis is inherently problematic as it cannot produce high quantities of THC in higher latitudes. Cannabinoid production in general requires long, intensely-sunlit days, and outside of the 44th parallel north or south, the potency of outdoor-grown cannabis drops considerably. Therefore…

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