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The Highest Place in Europe

Switzerland, land of the high Alps, cheese with holes and wildly expensive timepieces. What is less well-known, however, is that Switzerland has a rich history and subculture of cannabis and hemp use.

I took a short trip to Zurich to find out what the scene is like in one of Switzerland’s largest and most vibrant cities. I also arranged to visit Lucerne, a small city one hour from Zurich that sits at the edge of a vast glacial lake, surrounded by Alpine peaks of staggering beauty.

My aim is to discover what Switzerland has to offer to today’s discerning cannabis tourist, and hopefully to get higher than I’ve ever been before – by medicating at the top of Mount Titlis, a stunning 10,000 foot peak just outside Lucerne.

Switzerland doesn’t actually make the cut for the highest elevation in Europe. That prize goes to Mount Elbrus in Russia, at a staggering 18,506 feet! Nor does Switzerland hold the crown for the highest rate of cannabis consumption – that’s Iceland, with a massive 18.3% prevalence. But given that you can’t climb as high in Iceland, and getting high in the other sense can land you in some serious trouble in Russia, Switzerland surely deserves the compromise prize.

In Zurich, I have arranged to meet Marco Cadisch, owner of Highlife Media, a cannabis-focused news agency, and part-owner of SwissXtracts, a company specializing in 99.6% CBD crystals. SwissXtracts is a joint venture with Bio Can, a prominent Swiss producer and researcher of industrial and medicinal cannabis strains.

Cadisch fills me in on the necessary details…

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