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So You’re Hosting A Cannabis Dinner Party…

Cannabis cuisine has advanced dramatically in recent years. More people are cooking with cannabis, and techniques and results are becoming increasingly spectacular. Read on for a basic overview of important “do’s & don’t’s” to consider when hosting your cannabis dinner party!

Now, cannabis is becoming “normalised” for millions of people, and the idea of inviting a few friends or relatives over for a cannabis-themed dinner party is no longer quite the alien concept that it previously was. There’s even an emerging market in cannabis-themed weddings and other high-class events – so there’s an increasing pressure to offer the highest-quality cannabis edibles and drinks at such events, along with the cannabis itself!

Feeding Cannabis to Others – Things to Remember

When cooking with cannabis for other people, the first and most important thing to be aware of is dosage. Even if you regularly consume edibles yourself, other guests may have differing tolerance, and may respond differently to the effects of cannabis. As with so many things in life, moderation is key.

Generally, people with low tolerance should limit their total intake of THC to 10-15mg, in order to avoid overwhelming or potentially unpleasant effects. Even the most seasoned user of cannabis edibles will generally stay in the range of 25-80mg, although some US dispensaries sell products containing as much as 1000mg of THC!

In order to ensure that every requirement is catered for, it’s best to provide a range of dishes containing differing concentrations of cannabinoids. This can be approached in various ways – bite-sized items can be made to contain a small dose of just 1-2mg of THC, for example, and guests can gradually increase their intake as they feel comfortable.

Portion control is of fundamental importance – so when offering medicated drinks, sauces, and sides, ensure that you…

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