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Rates & Commissions

I’m always willing to take on new clients for cannabis content writing, editing, consultancy and more. I specialize in the medical, cultural, and geopolitical aspects of the cannabis trade, but I also have extensive general experience.

I have been a cannabis content writer for over six years, after having lived and worked in the Amsterdam industry for almost ten years. During this period, I volunteered at the renowned Cannabis College in Amsterdam for several years, and learned a great deal about this fascinating plant and its relationship to humanity.

I currently have over 500,000 words of unique cannabis content published online and in print, and expect to produce at least another 150,000 in 2017!  Over the last year, I have worked with Sensi Seeds and Dope Magazine in particular to produce more than 100 high-quality articles and posts.

For Sensi Seeds, I produce in-depth, extensively-researched cannabis content writing on a range of topics including health, culture, geopolitics and cannabinoid science. For Dope Magazine, I write a regular column published both online and in print, exploring cannabis culture and travel destinations all over the world.

As part of my work for Dope, I have visited Israel, India, Greece, the Czech Republic and Switzerland in 2016. In 2017, I hope to visit and explore destinations in a dozen more countries including Colombia and Sri Lanka.

As well as writing, editing, and proofreading, I also offer consultancy services related to cannabis. I have consulted extensively for companies researching cannabis on an international level.  For 2017, I am planning various research trips within Africa, Asia and South America. As well as this, I am now offering photography services, with a focus on cannabis and cannabis-related travel.

Basic rates:

Cannabis Content Writing: $0.40 – $1.00 per word.
Consultancy: $750 – $1500 per day.
Photography: $500 – $1000 per day.

Please note that rates are variable depending on project. For more information, please get in touch via my Contact page, either using the form provided or via social media.

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