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Prague 2016 – The Million Marijuana March

Source: Dope Magazine

The 2016 Million Marihuana March (MMM) is the Czech variant of the Global Cannabis March, which takes place all over the world each May. Over the course of the weekend, the march offered the most up-to-date information about the cannabis scene in the Czech Republic, along with useful tips to help discerning canna-tourists make the most of their experience.

The crowd at the Prague MMM was huge, and the atmosphere was electric throughout the day. As we walked through the historic city, we were greeted by a sea of smiling onlookers, who observed the costumed advocates with friendly expressions and not a hint of disapproval.

Later, we marched over the glittering Vltava River through Letenský Tunnel toward the vast green expanse of Letna Park. As we marched through the tunnel, tens of thousands of voices whooped and yelled, reverberating through the space and rendering the cavernous atmosphere tribal, fierce, and primal. A deep sense of unity and purpose seemed to pervade the crowd as they strode firmly forward.

After walking over a kilometer through the tunnel, we streamed out like a triumphant army and proceeded on to the final battlefield, known as Letna Park.

An irreverent mood was certainly the order of the day—in fact, one couple were having so much fun that the mood, ahem, overtook them, and they were photographed in a compromising position next to some bushes.

After a while, the heat (along with our aching calf muscles) persuaded us to retreat back to the relative safety of our Airbnb apartment for a couple of hours of well-earned rest. Later, we ventured back out onto the cool evening streets in search of food and cannabis, as we had consumed our stock of both while sequestered indoors.

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