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Legal status of cannabis in Poland – An overview

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Poland is an eastern European country on the Baltic Sea, with a population of almost forty million, a strong economy, and (in recent years) a generally progressive approach to drug legislation. However, despite legislative successes over the last decade, the drug laws remain relatively strict by modern European standards.

Legality of Cannabis Possession, Sale and Cultivation

Cannabis Consumption and Possession

Consumption of drugs is not considered to be an offence in Poland, but simple possession is punishable by a maximum of three years’ imprisonment. In cases involving a “significant quantity of drugs”, penalties range from one to ten years’ imprisonment. In cases of “lesser gravity”, the maximum penalty is one year’s imprisonment. There is no legal differentiation between cannabis and any other drug, and cases involving cannabis make up approximately half of all drug possession offences in Poland.

In December 2011, the drug laws of Poland were amended to give prosecutors the option to drop possession cases involving small personal quantities and take no further action. This has had a significant effect on the number of cases dropped by the General Prosecutor’s Office. According to available data, prosecutors decided to drop 4,273 cases in 2014 – about 1,100 more than in 2013. In 2012, prosecutors dropped just over 2,100 cases, with a further 160 dropped by the courts. However, reports that the 2012 number of dropped cases represented just 11.3 percent of the 18,441 total arrests for possession that year, and that 79 percent of cannabis possession cases taken to court involved quantities of three grams or less.

Sale of Cannabis

Again, cannabis is not distinguished from any other drug when it comes to sale, supply and trafficking. Import, export, and sale of drugs is punishable by up to…

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