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How Landrace Cannabis Varieties are Disappearing from the Planet

Throughout the world, humans cultivate cannabis and hemp – and in many cases, they have done so for hundreds or even thousands of years. Humans live in a range of habitats, and as such, we need crops that can grow in a wide variety of different environmental conditions.

Cannabis is an incredibly useful crop for humans, and a big part of that usefulness is its ability to adapt to an incredible variety of different environmental conditions, from near-Arctic cold, through the parched deserts, to the sweltering tropics.

Over centuries, people working in diverse conditions have selected, cultivated and nurtured cannabis plants that are most fit for the local environment – and during this time, local varieties of cannabis, with particular characteristics, usage and cannabinoid profile, have become established.

What Exactly Is A Landrace?

Landrace crop varieties are those that have adapted over time to local environmental conditions, in isolation from other populations of the same species, to a point where they have developed a degree of inbreeding – and typically, a range of unique characteristics.

This process is generally assisted by some selective breeding and management by humans – but unlike cultivars, landraces are generally more diverse and variable in their expression of traits, and a lot more is left up to natural selection…

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