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Israel Part II: Research, Science And Technology

Source: Dope Magazine

Last issue, I introduced readers to the blossoming medical cannabis scene in Israel, and talked about what it’s like to be a medicinal cannabis patient there. This month, I will take a look at the many, varied innovations now being produced, along with some of the most advanced cannabinoid research taking place in the world today.

Talking Terpenes with Eybna Technologies

My hosts for this visit are the managers of Eybna Technologies, a startup dedicated to “cracking the code” of cannabis—discovering all there is to know about the thousands of compounds it contains. Eybna’s main focus and specialization is terpenes, the naturally-occurring compounds that give cannabis its aroma and flavor.

Nadav Eyal, Eybna’s youthful CEO and Co-Founder, explains that by analyzing thousands of specimens from dozens of different strains, his startup is discovering exactly how terpenes and cannabinoids interact to produce synergistic effects. Once they have enough evidence of their hypotheses, Eybna plans to launch an international cannabis brand offering tailored therapies for a range of medical conditions.

Eybna currently produces several terpene-based products, which contain no cannabinoids and are not internationally restricted. Already, several companies in the U.S. import Eybna terpene blends for adding to e-cigarette liquids or BHO.

Co-Founder/COO Benjamin Eytan and Product Marketing Manager Avichai Elbaz proudly explain that in collaboration with hundreds of patients, Eybna have also developed terpene-infused cannabis enhancing blends that are far safer than tobacco, with the added potential of augmenting the effects of medicinal cannabis! They call this flagship product line “Wingman”, and so far they offer “Sativa Booster,” “Indica Booster” and “Natural” blends.

Ideas Never Stop Coming at Seach

One of Eybna’s most important collaborators is Seach Ltd. Seach and Eybna work together to grow, process and analyze thousands of cannabis plants. This partnership enables Eybna to calculate “average” profiles for dozens…

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