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Experiencing Varanasi

Source: Dope Magazine

Varanasi is India’s spiritual heartland. Said to be founded by the Hindu god Shiva, who came to live here with his new bride, the goddess Parvati, shortly after their wedding. It is the oldest living city in the world, and it is situated on the west bank of the sacred river Ganges, perfectly positioned to greet the rising sun.

It’s late March, a particularly auspicious time in the Hindu calendar. Hindus had celebrated the major festival of Maha Shivaratri just two weeks ago. Now, it is the time of the Holi Festival.

Legend has it that Parvati sought to make Shiva her husband, but he was unresponsive to her advances due to his state of deep mourning for his former wife, Sati. His melancholy was so profound that it threw the world out of balance. Parvati enlisted the help of Kamadeva, the god of love, who shot his arrow into Shiva’s heart as he sat deep in meditation.

This action so enraged Shiva that he opened his third eye and burned Kamadeva to ashes. However, it also had the desired effect of reopening his closed, unhappy mind. He then became receptive to Parvati and accepted her offer of marriage, restoring balance to the universe. Now, fires are burned on the first night of Holi in imitation of the sacred fire that burned Lord Kamadeva.

Many things are considered sacred to Shiva—the white bull, the snake, the river Ganges itself—and another of his many sacraments is bhang, a traditional cannabis preparation added to drinks such as thandai (a blend of almonds, milk, pepper ,and sugar) and snacks such as ladoo (balls of sugar and garbanzo bean flour cooked in ghee).

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