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Don’t Miss My Exclusive Online Class on Cannabis Terpenes!

I’ve teamed up with cannabis learning channel Green Flower to produce an exclusive online class, Cannabis Terpenes: Everything You Need to Know. It’s my first ever online class, and I’m keen to spread the word about this FREE and exclusive broadcast!

The class is available to registered members of Green Flower’s Learn channel. It will be broadcast live on Wednesday, 8th February at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern Time. Due to the time difference, European viewers can tune in at 1am GMT / 2am CET on Thursday 9th February.

During the broadcast, viewers will have the opportunity to take part in an online chat-based Q&A. I will be answering your questions alongside Nadav Eyal, CEO of Eybna Technologies – one of the world’s foremost producers of cannabis terpene profiles.

This one-time, exclusive broadcast is completely free. Registered members can enjoy unlimited access to all classes offered by Green Flower by joining the INSIDER program for just $18 per month!

Even better, if you sign up to the INSIDER program by February 17th, 2017, you’ll automatically be entered into a random prize draw. Winners will receive one of over 150 Terpene Dictionaries, developed and produced by Eybna Technologies.

Green Flower, Eybna Technologies and I have worked extensively together to produce these special Terpene Dictionaries. They make the perfect accompaniment to the online class on cannabis terpenes!  The kits will be completely free, apart from shipping costs.

Aimed at cannabis patients, enthusiasts, connoisseurs and industry professionals, the course will delve into the basics of terpene science, and discuss the various ways in which terpenes are useful to plants, insects and humans alike.

As well as this, the course will go into detail on the different terpenes found in different types of cannabis, and how cannabis terpenes interact with cannabinoids to produce synergistic effects – effects that are of increasing interest to medical science!

Understanding terpenes in cannabis can be valuable to everyone, so don’t miss this great opportunity to learn all about it. Register for the exclusive FREE broadcast of Cannabis Terpenes: Everything You Need to Know today!

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