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Cannabis in the United Kingdom

Source: Dope Magazine

Over the last few months, the UK has experienced a great deal of social, economic and political turbulence, including a Brexit referendum and a change in Prime Minister. After David Cameron’s undignified exit from 10 Downing Street, former Home Secretary Theresa May is now at the helm – and her aggressive stance towards cannabis is legendary in activist circles.

The UK’s cannabis scene is full of potential, yet change is slow to come about. There are millions of cannabis users throughout the country and a strong activist network has developed over time – but laws remain harsh, conservative social attitudes persist, and overall progress is inconsistent.

I’ve come to visit some key activists on the UK scene, to find out what life is like for cannabis users and patients here. I’m a UK native, but I’ve been living abroad for over ten years – so I want to know how things have changed, and what the recent political events might mean for the future.

My first stop is in London.

I’m keen to know what the situation is like “on the ground” in my old hometown, so I get in touch with a local friend-of-a-friend to see what’s on offer. This is where I discover that mediocre, unflushed herb still costs as much as £15 ($18.50) per gram around North London, and that the going price for an ounce of the same is about £200 ($250).

With more time to shop around, I could have found excellent product for reasonable prices, but that’s far from what the average consumer has regular access to. Options are still limited – there are one or two “secret coffee shops” here and there in London, and I first visited one several years ago. But the average consumer doesn’t know where they…

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