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Cannabis in the Canary Islands

Source: Dope Magazine

The Canary Islands are a small group of volcanic islands that lie just 62 miles west of Morocco and enjoy a subtropical climate with year-round mild temperatures. The people here have grown cannabis for decades, long before the central government of Spain decided to relax its laws to allow for the existence of cannabis social clubs. Now that they have a chance to legitimize the community, there are plenty of people keen to participate.

Here, rainfall is scarce and the wind can prove to be an outdoor grower’s worst nightmare, but the temperatures are so favorable that outdoor growing can occur year-round, and many growers state that January is their favorite month to crop! In the wetter, more sheltered parts of the islands, some of the biggest plants seen in Europe happily thrive.

It’s Carnaval (the second-biggest in the world after Rio) when we arrive in the Canaries, and Santa Cruz de Tenerife is crowded with locals and visitors from all over the world. We watch as miles upon miles of lavishly-decorated locals of all ages, shapes, colors, and sizes parade down Santa Cruz’s main beachfront thoroughfare, their bright colors contrasting somewhat with the overcast February sky. We’re looking out for signs of people smoking cannabis, but apart from the odd gaggle of teenagers sharing furtive joints, it appears that it’s not yet a widespread social activity—at least not one that’s out in the open.

An hour later, we’re headed to the small city of San Cristobal de la Laguna to check out the first cannabis social club, a small venue known as Entropia. Its proprietor Francesco (who hails from Italy, along with half of Tenerife’s cannabis community) greets us with a broad smile and ushers us into his club. It’s functional and sparsely decorated, populated by a small throng of local Canarians who are friendly, welcoming, and eager to tell us all about life on the Canary Islands…

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