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Who Can You Help With Cannabis This Holiday Season?

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Of course, we should all try to give something back to society whenever possible – but during the holiday season, most of us have a little more time to seriously consider how we can help. So why not start with the cannabis community? There are thousands of charities and nonprofits that need our support – and whose efforts are helping people the world over.

So let’s contemplate – and to help, we’ve provided a list of some of the charitable efforts related to cannabis that are being made around the world right now, and how to get involved.


The European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies (ENCOD) is an international platform of over 150 organizations, companies and citizens working towards ending the war on drugs. Established in 1993, ENCOD has a long track record of lobbying the UN, EU and various national governments, and has been instrumental in setting up the network of Cannabis Social Clubs that is now spreading throughout Europe. ENCOD is seeking new members and sponsors so that it can continue to meet its €60,000 annual budget requirements and fund ongoing campaigns. As well as direct donations, you can also support ENCOD by distributing flyers and posters, and by lobbying members of parliament in support of their campaigns.

Learn more about and donate to ENCOD.

Donate directly to the Cannabis Social Clubs campaign.


The Francophone Union for Cannabinoids in Medicine (UFCM) is among the most prominent cannabis organizations of the French-speaking world. The UFCM campaigns for patient access to cannabis medicine, distributes information and resources to the public, offers legal support to patients, and acts as a portal for cannabis-related organisations, businesses and citizens’ groups in France. The…

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