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About Seshata

I am Seshata, content manager for International Highlife, travel writer for DOPE! Magazine, and contributing editor for Sensi Seeds. I also regularly contribute to various other cannabis-related sites and publications. I am a full-time cannabis content writer, editor, photographer and consultant to the industry. Originally from the UK, I spent ten years in the Netherlands, and have just moved to Italy for one year after a year in Spain.

This year, I am also developing a documentary series titled “Planet Cannabis” – an in-depth exploration of the unique relationship that the cannabis plant has formed with the human species, and how humans have helped to spread the cannabis plant throughout the world over thousands of years. Currently, the project is in development – I hope to begin promotions in earnest within two months, and commence filming in early 2018.

My primary focus is on the international aspects of the cannabis trade, both legal and illegal. I have spent several years visiting countries with a rich history of cannabis cultivation, production and use in order to build up my knowledge and experience of politics, legalities and culture of cannabis. Along the way, I have acquired an international clientele and a unique skill set!

Experience & Background

I gained extensive experience of the cannabis industry during the ten years I spent in Amsterdam. This included working at the Cannabis College, as well as at various coffeeshops. Furthermore, extensive travel in cannabis producing countries has enabled me to develop expertise on global and regional issues.

I currently have over 500,000 words of unique cannabis content published online and in print. In 2017, I expect to produce at least another 150,000!  Over the last year, I have worked with Sensi Seeds and Dope Magazine in particular to produce more than 100 high-quality articles and posts.

For Sensi Seeds, I produce extensively-researched cannabis content writing on a range of topics including culture, geopolitics, legislation and cannabinoid science. For Dope Magazine, I write a regular column published both online and in print, exploring cannabis culture and travel all over the world.

As part of my work for Dope, I have visited Israel, India, Greece, the Czech Republic and Switzerland in 2016. In 2017, I hope to visit and explore destinations in a dozen more countries including Colombia, Croatia and Sri Lanka.

As well as this, I have now taken on the role of Content Manager at International Highlife – a cannabis news and information network with a global reach and over 8 million active users. As Content Manager, I intend to take International Highlife to the next level in terms of quality, up-to-date and relevant content.

On top of offering cannabis content writing, editing & research, I also offer my services as a consultant to the cannabis industry. I have consulted for several US and European companies thus far – including a US startup planning to conduct the world’s largest and most comprehensive genome study to date, and an Italian startup in the process of implementing a vertically-integrated hemp cultivation and processing network. For more information, please contact me.

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