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10 Rare Diseases That Cannabis May Treat

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There are thousands of disorders out there that have remained understudied due to their rarity and complexity. Cannabis and cannabinoid compounds may provide complex solutions to these complex diseases. Medicinal cannabis programs are now helping to discover these solutions and deliver them to the patients that desperately need them.

Tuberous sclerosis complex

A rare genetic disorder that causes benign tumours to grow within the brain, eyes, and other vital organs.

Global prevalence of 10-16 in 100,000.

Usually diagnosed during infancy or childhood.

Tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) can cause autism, epilepsy, developmental delay, behavioural problems and various other symptoms, although symptoms vary widely between individuals. In TSC, genetic mutations alter the expression of two proteins, hamartin and tuberin. In healthy individuals, these two proteins work together to control various aspects of cell growth, division and death, and act as tumor growth suppressors.

In TSC, the two proteins are inhibited, allowing unchecked cell growth and ultimately the formation of tumours. The endocannabinoid system is deeply involved in cases of TSC. Research has suggested that children with TSC show abnormally high expression of CB?-receptors during early brain development. It is well-known that the EC system plays a crucial role in processes related to cell division and death. Furthermore, CBD is an important anti-epilepsy drug that can manage seizures in TSC.

The creators of Charlotte’s Web included a young TSC sufferer, Keegan Streetman in their earliest trials, with good results. Now, GW Pharmaceuticals is undertaking a Phase III clinical trial into the effectiveness of its CBD-based spray Epidiolex for epilepsy caused by TSC.

Mitochondrial disease

A group of genetic disorders affecting the mitochondria, the energy-generating “engines” of cells.

Global prevalence of around 11-12 in 100,000.

Children born with…

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